Sunday, June 08, 2008

New "Noro" hat

I finished another Noro hat. This time I used yarn I hand dyed in self-striping patterns. The colors turned out well, the only thing I'll change for the next go around is slightly longer sections of each color.
Chicky is happy to have hers first (I only had self-striping with pink in it).

chicky's noro

And a view from the side.

chicky's noro 2

The boys are listing colors they want in theirs, then comes the dyeing, and then the knitting. Maybe theirs will be done by November?

This past week was full of events for the children: the end of school, the end of elementary school for the boys, a new half-sister at their dad's house, and a tadpole rescue in our friends' pool. The tadpole rescue was the biggest surprise for them and they had a very good time saving gray tree frog tadpoles. The pool had a leak and they have to get a new lining installed, which means draining the water that is left by pump. Unfortunately, what was left of the water in the pool was full of tadpoles. There was a lot of scooping and many didn't make it out of the pool, but I bet several hundred did. The five gallon bucket was teeming with them.


We found three gray tree frogs along the edges (one had to be rescued from the pool, too). Chicky was having a good time carrying them around and putting them over the fence away from the pool.

grey tree frog sits

Other than that, it's been a pretty typical week around here. Next week is the court date from the car accident in April. Now there's some excitement.

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