Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I made a purchase through Amazon on Saturday am. I wanted to buy it from a local store, but I couldn't get this with it at the same time. Well, it turns out it didn't work out that way though the internet either. According to the shipping predictions (something akin weather predictions), they would both arrive on Wednesday. Yesterday I came home and the lens was waiting by the door (yea!). Imagine my hope that today the camera would be here, too. Nope. I've checked the tracking a gajillion times and the camera is still in Greensboro. For those of us that live in Hillsborough, that is where our mail goes, so I was hopeful that if it arrived in Greensboro around 1 pm the much anticipated camera would be here this afternoon. It is still in Greensboro. Sigh. I wait very poorly.

The spinning is going well. I'm finally spinning up my "scrappy, happy love" from funky carolina. The bag weighed 8+ ounces, but I let Chicky spin some, and as I didn't watch her closely enough, she took a lot more than I had anticipated. I'm hoping it will end up being around 6 ounces in the end.

scrappy love

One bobbin from the Ashford is full, and I've started on the second. This yarn will be a two-ply because I want all the random spun colors to pair willy-nilly! I'm sure this weekend my hobbies will be competing for my attention. I may need to "schedule" my spinning, knitting, and photography.

Wish me luck!

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