Thursday, January 24, 2008

Still socking. Heh.

I've stopped adding my "smitten" pictures to my appropriate flickr groups because I'm worried they'll think I'm crazy for taking so many pictures of one yarn and one sock-in-progress. I'm even going to be reasonable and put a small sized picture below (if you're jonesing for a better view just click on it).

almost a smitten sock

Today was knitting with Chicky's class. They were celebrating the 100th day of school, so our time was short. Here are Chicky (in my Lady Detective hat) with two of her friends knitting. The boys were knitting too, but were more camera evasive.


The children go to their dad's house after school tomorrow and I have a pile of fiber begging to be spun. I'm planning on dividing my time between the socks and the wheel. No wonder I don't get out much - too much fiber and too little time!

I'm waiting for my Zen String shipment (yarn) and my Spunky Eclectic (fiber) to arrive. I'm thinking about setting one of those "wool traps" for the postman (I do have a "man" so I feel ok using the term, but also like I have to defend my use of it). We'll see if it works.

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