Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Smitten" socks

I was so in love with the srappy handspun skeins that I cast on for a pair of socks. So far, they look like this

smitten handspun

(I'm using the medium size pictures even though the right side gets cut of a little and messes with my control-freakish need for symmetry. The yarn begs me to do it anyway. See all the layers of color? Isn't it amazing? The sock cuff is about four inches along now. The color shifts keep me entertained and the texture is lovely. This could be the quickest knit socks, for me, EVER!

This past holiday, I received a lovely stump teapot. It is perfect. Holds 16 oz., doesn't drip when it is poured, has a fine mesh infuser, and a flat top for stacking. Isn't it cute?

stump teapot

I like it so much I've used almost all my loose-leaf teas! When I was at Whole Foods today, The Republic of Tea guy was there and he recommended Apricot Honey. It's a rooibus with marigold flowers. Quite tasty. I'm always up for a good tea recommendation.

Yikes, I need to go make dinner. After dinner and clean up... more knitting...or maybe spinning my Spunky Eclectic November fiber...hmmm.

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