Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Yarn, children, and a lack of sleep

My sons have built "Bionicles" with bits and pieces of original Bionicles and blogged about them at Collins kids . They are very psyched about it.

Currently operating on a sleep deficit, I am trying to hang on until 10 pm before I crawl into bed. Last night I was tired, but too tired and my mind was busy replaying every single conversation I had. When I was finally about to drift off (after midnight) I heard the sound of metal clanging and my dog (the dog on my bed) started woofing and we had to check it out. I keep a large galvanized bucket flipped upside-down over my paper recycling (the town says to keep it dry and that is my feeble attempt), and some creature (giant possum more than likely) decided to see what lovely things might be in the recycle bin. Apparently the clatter scared the creature off, because the Eowyn and I didn't see anything and she didn't even want to go outside to see what it might be. She just sat in the kitchen looking at me with her ears perked up and her tail wagging slightly in a "Did you see anything interesting?" kind of way. So glad I have a watch dog. She's certainly got the watching part down.

I'm still working on both first socks and I will feel really terrible if I finish "my" Lacy Scallop socks before I finish Elena's - since I started hers so long ago and I even made myself a pair of monkey socks in the meantime. I bought another set of size 1 needles I'm so obsessed with socks. I have three pair of socks 'on the needles' right now. Lord, I need to get a grip. The children have been asking about new socks and I feel I should be working on some, but I have the Caspian Sea Socks and the Bazaar Socks by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts waiting in the wings.

Other exciting news, I've been trying to figure out how to make labels for my hand dyed and spun yarn since I'm not so graphic. Flickr has a partnership with MOO and I took some close ups of my yarns and am making them into labels complete with blank space on the back for yardage, fiber content, and WPI. I think they'll be quite handsome! Now I just need to get to work with some more dying and spinning. Here's a sample:

spun candy

I adore yarn. Sigh.

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