Friday, August 24, 2007

Sock progress

The Lacy Scallops are coming along nicely. They are quite lovely. I'm enjoying the pattern and it's a fairly quick knit - when I do it right. Here they are in Koigu KPPPM (I can't remember the color number).

lacy scallops sock cuff

Elena's socks (she picked yarn from my stash months ago) is finally on the heel flap of, sock number one. I'm working on it every so often and using the lacy scallops as the candy at the end. The pattern is Fiber Trends railroad rib (again).

sockatta railroad rib

And still with the bag making. They are quick. They are cool. They will be gifts. It's all good. It just takes time away from socks other knitting items. Here's my pitiful progress.

Becca's bag in green

I have tomorrow to kick some knitting butt before I get my children back on Sunday. The children are feeling neglected by my lack of knitting for them, so they will probably be next on the list.

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