Saturday, July 21, 2007

One FO

One, and only one Finished Object: I've finished the soy socks! I'm still not thrilled with the way the brown puddles, and it only did it on one sock (for the sole purpose of annoying me, I'm sure). Knitting with the yarn was nice, soft, not "catchy" and other than the brown, I liked the self-patterning part.

Soy socks

The other side of both socks, puddle free:

Soy socks other side

I've been looking forward to Ravelry and anxiously awaiting my invitation. There is now a spot that you can check to see where you are in the process. As of a couple days ago I was number 12,406 on the list! There were 6406 people ahead of me and 5134 behind. At that point 33% of the list had been invited. I'll have to see where I am today.

I'm hoping to finish the last sleeve of the Grecian Plait this weekend. My fear here is that I will not have enough yarn to finish. The sleeves are longer than I wanted, so if it goes badly I can always frog them and change the fit. I may end up picking up stitches around the arm hole to do it - I hate sewing in sleeves.

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