Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Spinning rocks!

I'm still plodding away on the UFO's in my knitting world, but I've also rededicated my time to spinning. I found all these copps that needed to be finished. So, I wound them (very mathmatically, around one end of my drop leaf table), set, and made into little skeins. The first batch are all singles.

Black Ethel Cash Yarn

Trying to refine my skills, I've been practicing Navajo plying. Three-ply is my favorite to knit with, but I haven't got a Lazy Kate set up that works well enough yet. I've tried my children each holding a copp (that, in my book is a Whiny Kate), various shoe box set ups, and a wooden version but the copps slide off the end and there is much cussing and sadness on my part. I know Alden Amos would be horrified by the Navajo plying, but if I go slow it seems to go all right. This is my second try EVER, and it's not so great. This is kettle dyed and spun on a drop spindle, and plied on my Louet wheel.

Three-ply hand dyed and spun

The merino/tencel was much easier to ply. It has such a soft hand, and I'm pleased with the way the plying keep the colors together and you can kind of control it a little more.

Merino/tencel roving plied

Maybe there will be an FO to show off soon.

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