Sunday, July 01, 2007


The Himalaya Tote is done. I could've gone to a fabric store and gotten a darker lining, but I decided to use some muslin I had in my sewing box. Partially, because I didn't feel like waiting until a store was open, or getting out of my pj's, and I hate when the linings are dark and I can't see the crap at the bottom of the bag when I want it.

In order to make the lining, I got out my "new" sewing maching. Given to me by my step-mother, who doesn't sew, but has kept it diligently since the late 60's early 70's. I adore it because my mother had a very similar model and anything more high tech would boggle my mind. It came with a box of bits that can be used to change stitches, but there are no directions. I was only going to do some basic stitching, so I got it out and got to it. Here is my lovely machine (with an IRON in the picture. I use it only in emergency situations).


The lining was a little tricky, there are some pockets involved, but it works! Anyway, without further ado, The Bag with lining showing

Lined Himalaya

And the front of the blessed bag

Himalaya Tote

Silk doesn't hold it's shape so well, so I'll give you a review of it with use over time.


jesmehi said...

Hi Rochelle,
I found your site by accident. I love the tote! I think it would also look good in a linen yarn, but do you think it would scratch the clothes. I wonder if the straps in the silk are going to hold up, And I also think the light lining looks great and if you tack the bag to it in places, it will help the bag hold it's shape.

Anonymous said...

I am looking at make this tote with the recycled silk. How is the purse holding up? Did you use any other yarn with it?
I have learned that the silk does not hold shape also. Any advice is welcomed. Thanks

Rochelle said...

The tote is definitely a "yarn bag" only. Even with the muslin lining it's pretty fragile. Mango Moon Yarn now has a thin white yarn (sorry, don't know the fiber content) that you carry along with the silk. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm going to use the leftover silk from this bag to make a pouch and I'm thinking about trying some to see if it adds some strength and body.