Saturday, June 30, 2007


After almost four years without television (only Netflix) I now have basic and standard cable, and speedy internet access. I forgot all the things I hate about TV. I think it's gotten worse: the stupid reality shows, the commercials for drugs (what the hell is that all about?) and ads for food that really isn't food at all. I'm also used to pausing when I leave the room. Nope.

The first night I had it I was psyched about seeing The Daily Show again. Now it is apparently on at 8 pm (not such a good time for a mom). I turned it on, watched until it went to a commercial, got bored by the four commercials I saw, left the room, and forgot all about the show. Yep. That's how un-used to TV I am.

In the knitting world I working on the Himalaya Tote by Jill Vosburg from recycled sari silk. I'm using a different brand of yarn and I think I like it better than what is pictured. Silk tends to get "limp" when it hangs and it's going to have some kind of lining. Here's a glimpse


I'm also working on a potholder loop rug from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I bought six bags of potholder loops and Morgan and Erin happily slip knotted them together and I now have mondo balls of "yarn".

po tholder loop yarn

You'll see the progress tomorrow.

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