Monday, October 10, 2011

Shop update?

To all of you I met and talked to yesterday at Cozy I'd like to say "thank you" for checking out my fibers! I thought today was going to be all about a fiber photo shoot and updating the Etsy shop, but as the day progresses I see how wrong I was in that assumption. Some of my yarns will be at Cozy and I'm sorting through them right now. Once I get that figured out I will start the listing process.

Add to the mix I'm starting a temporary, full-time job tomorrow (say that five times fast, whydon'tcha). I'm entering Customer Service for the holidays. Should be interesting, right? That's what I'm thinking.

In the Land of Knitting, I'm working on another hood/cowl with some rust colored, super squishy handspun I love (and have yet to finish spinning) and more of the ggh "Bali." If I had made Chicky the shawl that yarn was destined for all those years ago I wouldn't be having this much fun right now. Chicky's bunny slippers are short one ear, I think I can whip that out while I'm watching a soccer game this afternoon. Sometimes I get kind of hepped up at soccer and have been known to lose bracelets because I'm flailing my arms about and yelling. Knitting hampers this sort of behavior and while it's embarrassing that your mother knits while at a soccer game, it's more embarrassing if she's jumping up and down, flailing her arms. (It's interesting to note they're not embarrassed if I'm on the sidelines with a camera at all.)

The sweet Tiger-Cato has gone missing. I haven't seen him since Saturday night and I'm starting to worry he's stuck in a tree somewhere. I've walked up and down our street quietly listening for his pathetic "Help!" mews and haven't heard any. I'm hoping he's just pissed at me because I went away for part of the weekend and now he's playing hard to get. Here's the picture that's on my desktop after my computer turns on in the morning.


I miss that not so little Bugger!

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