Monday, May 12, 2008

A much appreciated Thank You

You may know that my dear friend sarah held a raffle for me (and generously donated half of her sales in April) to help with expenses towards a vehicle after Inga was tragically totaled. That extraordinary woman's vision and many people's participation raised $678 for me. I have never been so touched by so many people - and all of them people that only know of me through the internet - mostly through Ravelry. What an amazing community! Thank you to everyone. I do have a "new" 2004 Honda Odyssey. In addition to the car payment I have higher insurance rates, so that money is coming in handy right about now. Not to mention a court date next month where I'm hoping the charges will be dropped so the insurance rates don't go up even more.

The short and sweet of it is: thank you - very, very much! It was an unexpected blessing I will remember.

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