Sunday, March 09, 2008

Still here...

There has been a giant pause in blog land over here. I've been doing quite a bit of dyeing, some knitting, and today it's been spinning. I've also been playing with the new camera. I was playing with the macro lens the other night and got this picture.


Then, this morning I found the rovings I dyed on Friday afternoon were dry. So, they've been finger crocheted for display purposes. There's one I'm calling Rosemary.






And Hyacinth.


I'm still working on random spinning and have almost a full bobbin. I'm pondering spinning another bobbin of one roving the whole way through and plying it with the random one, or doing another bobbin of random and seeing where the chips fall. No clue yet.

In family news Morgan broke his left pinky on the playground this week. He was playing tag and his finger got wrapped in another kid's shirt. The kid turned quickly and smacked his arm away while it was still wrapped in the shirt. The pinky has a transverse fracture and I am happy to report no special surgery requiring a pin was needed (this was the worst case scenario we were presented with). Morgan took a copy of his x-ray to school and got a cool fancy, custom made splint (gotta love the orthopedist - never go to the ER for broken bones if you have an orthopedist near by - quicker service, more qualified help, and they are nice to you). Bowen broke his arm a couple of years ago, so the boys were comparing stories at the dinner table. Bowen said, "Erin, all you have to do is break something and we'll ALL have had broken bones." She looked at me and said, "Mom's never broken anything, right?" I said, "Nope." She said, "I don't want to break anything either."

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