Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dyeing, knitting, and spinning

I've got four more dry rovings - yea! More super soft, superwash corriedale! OK, so some of the colors I'm not so taken with, they look different wet and dry, so sometimes I'm not exactly sure how they'll turn out. "Flashback" I find the boldest. I still think the colors would be fabulous spun - not too overpowering, and great combos plied.


This is "Ruby" and is by far the most conservative color scheme I've ever done!


Mr Mustard. The yellow is actually more mustardy than pictured (that color is giving me fits trying to get it accurately).

mr mustard

Last is"Pam" - my favorite. If no one on Etsy wants it, I'll spin it up into something lovely for me!


I'm double knitting up some samples of the yarn I've been dyeing, so people can have an idea what the pattern will look like. That's the kind of thing I like to know when I'm looking at hand-painted yarns. Double knitting will imitate knitting in the round (I've only cast on 40 sts instead of the 58-62 I usually do for socks). It should give a nice idea of what will happen with color in the round.

There's more random spinning on the Ashford, but I'm contemplating cutting out one of the rovings. I hate "wasting" roving, but this one (I bought it) is pretty compacted and frustrating. I'm thinking of saving it for Chicky to spin, she tends to spin thicker and it won't bother her in the least, and she'll love the colors!

Morgan's finger is healing well. It looks a nasty shade of gray and we're de-funking it daily, but whooee! Stench! I'm glad we can take the splint off and clean it, or I think I would faint from the fumes by the time it had to come off. He's being very good natured about the whole thing. He thought it was cool until Day 2 and then he figured out he'd need to do some adjusting to basic daily tasks for a while. I tried to remind him that this was one of those times his stubborn nature should be helpful.

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