Sunday, June 04, 2006

Library bliss and warshrags

I love a solo library trip. BC (before children) I used to go to the library and hang out for at least an hour. Roaming. Browsing. Leaving with a pile of books for ME. Then, there was going to the library with small children. Visiting the children's section and getting what we needed quickly because they were more interested in pulling things off the shelves or running away from me in the non-fiction section. Now that they are older, there is much perusing and even using the computer to search by subject and finding what they want (I love that).

Nevertheless, today I really enjoyed going by myself. I got books for the children I teach, books for my children, and a book for myself. All within thirty minutes. Not that I'm about a race at the library, but I've finally figured out it's not worth it to check out more than one book for me at a time. I just don't have the time for reading like I used to do.

Here's some Mason-Dixon Knittin'. It's a warshrag, for those of y'all new to this here handknit item. I was havin' some severe flashbacks whilst I was aknittin' this one. I used to knit warshrags with my momma. She weren't much o' a knitter, mind, hers were supposed to be diamond shape but they weren't. But hell, it's just a warshrag, so there's no need to get all hep about it.

mason-dixon warshrag

I made another'n too. Tain't as fancy as the first, but it'll clean a plate (and that the imporan' part)!

stockinette version dishcloth

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