Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gardening post

I am still knitting, I swear it. I'm working on a sock I started a while ago, still finishing the "Olympic" shawl, and am working on the gauge for a new cami. It has been so hot and humid here lately that the yarn sticks to my fingers and I end up getting frustrated (when it's humid, my natural state is cranky).

The gobsmacking rains have been making my gardens happy, though. And, probably in another month or so, we'll have a long dry spell so I'll have something else to complain about. The following is a not-so-great picture of the boys' garden. I must have been breathing wrong or something, the other side of the garden is more interesting but the picture came out even worse than this, so this one will suffice for now. The garden plan is from Sharon Lovejoy's book Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots. This would be the Giant Garden and has giant pumpkins, birdhouse gourds climbing on the tent, scarlet runner beans covering the tunnel, and giant walking stick kale (on the other side). The pots in front have a cucumber and cranberry beans.

Giant garden

The veggie garden has three different varieties of tomatoes, basil, sage, dill, oregano, bush zucchini, jalapeno, borage, edamame, some other kind of pepper with a name that escapes me, two kinds of rosemary, and some flowers that were planted late. I am very much enamored with the borage flowers, next year I'm planting way more of that.

veggie garden

Borage flowers

borage flowers

The pictures of Chicky's Maze Garden (plan also from the same book) didn't do it justice so here's a cosmos that was blooming in it today instead:


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