Saturday, September 17, 2005

Reading progress

I haven't written about reading for a while now. I am still reading, I am also knitting and spinning which is taking giant chunks out of the reading time. I read before bed every night, but I often fall asleep and wake up with the book over my face.

Right now I'm reading Caliban's Shore by Stephen Taylor. This is an account of the wreck of the Grosvenor off the coast of South Africa in 1782. I must confess I've been plodding away at this book at a very slow pace for me. Much of the beginning of the book is an introduction of almost everyone on the ship and why they are going on the journey, and even part of their personal history before the voyage. It's interesting, but I want to know about the shipwreck, please. The kicker in this account is that it takes place before the whole "women and children first" deal. Guess who gets left on the shore by the captain (who sucked at commanding and navigating, by the way)? Yep, the women and children. The parts after the wreck happen are much more fascinating. These people made many bad choices once they reached shore and most of them didn't survive their mistakes.

Next in the book pile are Freakenomics, The Secret Life of a Knitter, and a couple science fiction books. I'd better get a move on because Neil Gaiman's new book, Anansi Boys is on it's way soon. Damn. So many books, so many knitting projects, so much fiber to spin, so many soccer games, and I have to make some money to support my habits, too.

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