Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Two projects done! The other six...

Two of the latest knitting projects are done - Skully and a special request scarf. The socks, the tank top, the two shawls (one for me and one for my daughter), the booga bag, the "new" scarf and shawl projects are all in their own little bags calling to me for attention.

Here is a picture of the finished lovely Skully:

My parents were in from Minnesota last week, so the knitting was less furious than normal. Now that my young'ns are at their father's for the next three nights I will be making up for lost time. The problem is that almost all of my projects need counters and I only have one right now. I've been marking the spot where I've left off on the pattern and using the counter for something else, but that is becoming tiresome.

There will soon be pictures in a lovely gallery of the finished knitting projects, modeled by more capable folks than I.

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