Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Skully update

I'm enjoying the knitting of the modified Skully sweater (a shout-out to my friend Mel who cheerfully gave Skully a lower jaw and an attitude adjustment courtesy of Steve Earle and the Dukes). I think it will look much cooler now. I've finished the front, back, and neck, and am working on the intarsia on the sleeve. I must admit that I will probably frog the neck and do it again. It looks too loose and I'm not sure I'm liking it. I'm loving the Lamb's Pride Bulky - that fact that it's thick in some places and thinner in others - and it is very soft. You can tell where I've been knitting in the house by the black strands of wool that surround me on my formerly-white-in-another-home-with-another-family sofa. My children have one more night at their father's house, so I can continue to abandon everything but work and knitting tomorrow, as I did today.

May the wool be with you.

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