Sunday, December 16, 2007

Wee sweaters & Cocoa

To start, here are the wee sweaters I've made so far. Morgan pointed out that these do not need to be limited to Christmas at all. The use of "regular" sock yarn makes them appropriate year round. Thank you, my son.

wee sweater 1

sweater ornament 2

sweater ornament 3

Today, the children and I went to see The Golden Compass and enjoyed ourselves. I love the books and was happy with the screen adaptation - Lyra had some lovely knitwear, I must say. Hey, could I just knit for movies? If that's a job, sign me right the fuck up, please. We also had a theological discussion on the way home (about the movie, not the knitwear). I had debated whether or not to read the books aloud to the children for that very reason. I thought that the scope was too big, and purposefully not giving them any particular religious instruction would have been a hindrance in this case. Don't ask me why the movie was ok when I wouldn't read the book. I've changed my mind, that's why. Now, happily, they have decided it's next on the list of Books Mom Reads Aloud. Yea!

After much wheedling and pleading we have new guinea pig. We have had many guinea pigs in our lives over the past decade. Chicky is a small animal whisperer. Really, they love her. She asked for a new pig, had enough money saved, and has promised to clean it's cage and feed it (when she is here). I have the pleasure of introducing you to the sweetest cavy this side of the Mississippi, the lovely Cocoa.


Her right side

coco right side

And her left

cocoa left side

Guinea pig love is here.

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Margaret said...

I'm making little sweaters too! Aren't they fun? They don't take long, and you can let your imagination go wild with patterns.
(churchill47 on ravelry)