Friday, December 07, 2007

Catalogs be damned!

During this lovely holiday season I have been receiving, on average, at least three and sometimes as many as eight catalogs a day. I like a catalog. I buy from catalogs. This is a kind of advertising waste and pace I can't keep up with and it pisses me off in general. Now the catalog waste has even affected my knitting. How could that be? Well, last week I got a new paperback knitting book with traditional sweater styles. I remember opening it and briefly looking at it. I remember seeing it on the dining room table with the pile of catalogs it came with that day. I have torn the house apart tonight looking for the $26 book and I fear it has been accidentally recycled since I have been tossing catalogs in the bin daily. To say I'm bummed right now is an understatement. I am in agony! AAAGH!

I think I need to go work on Chicky's mittens and calm down a bit.

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