Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mittens, a sock, and a cold

Last week, when it was briefly cold here in North Carolina, I realized Chicky had no mittens. I let her borrow my handspun mohair/romney gauntlets, but that was hard for me, and not really warm enough for her. I told her while she was at her dad's for the weekend I would knit her a pair. Bowen, sitting beside her on the sofa, looked at me with eyes welling with tears and said, "but what about my socks?" I said, "Sweetie, I'm working on your socks but your sister has no mittens and I can make her a pair very quickly." (Actual tears were coming out of my ten year old son's eyes) "But, I'm just afraid my feet will grow more before you finish them!" I assured him that I could knit more if that happened, but that I was close to the end of the first one. I even let him try it on (which helped him feel better). I finished the sock on Sunday and have started the other. Who knew there'd be tears over the handknits?

Bowen's sock #1 in Opal - no idea which one. He hates much of a cuff so it was quick, once I sat down and actually knit the thing.

bowen sock #1

Chicky's mittens in Fiesta Baby Boom, colorway Alaska. I really love all the Fiesta yarns I've tried (except for my poor color combo on the frogged chevron scarf, and that was all me.)

chicky's mitts

A new cold attacked me last week and it has now settled in my lungs - ugh. I am taking the day off tomorrow to rest, but then realized that my sons have a presentation at school. I guess a little rest is better than none at all.

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