Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Another FO!

I'm feeling pretty good over here, I finished the birthday present (it had a June 4 deadline). Here is the completed Sunflower Shell

sunflower shell

The only other gifts of pressure, are the teacher gifts. Well, the teacher gifts and finishing the squares Bowen's class made into a baby blanket for one of their classmate's expected baby. That one is looking a little tricky and I keep looking at it and thinking, "The baby's not due until October, I have time." When really I should be bustin' ass on it, so they can present it to the mom-to-be on the last day of school (that would be June 9. Yea, I'm in some serious denial.) I'm making Chicky's teacher a booga bag. I did it out of a Lion brand that was half wool and half acrylic. I like it, except for the fact that I didn't felt the handle and the body of the booga together, and I think the handle should have been felted more. The drawback to that was that I was sick as shit of knitting i-cord. It's one of those things I knit and knit and measure every ten minutes and the measurement it EXACTLY THE SAME as it was ten minutes ago. I-cord hell.

Booga bag

I'm making Bowen's teacher felted boxes (out of the Mason-Dixon Knitting book). I want to make the flax hand towels, the swirly floor rug, the bath mat, the bubbly curtain, aw hell, I want to make all of it! My warshrag is comin' right along, too.

Our Memorial Day was spent planting seeds in all our empty flower pots, finding slugs (Chicky loves slugs, I don't know why. She names them and talks to them, and is probably the Best Friend of Slugs I know),

slug girl

and weeding the gardens. Bowen weeded their entire garden (Morgan faded pretty quickly on it). The birdhouse gourd vines are growing, the scarlet runner beans are happily clinging to the tunnel trellis, and the giant pumpkin, and giant walking stick kales are all coming up. By August that garden will, hopefully, be huge.


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