Saturday, December 31, 2005

Last day of the year.

Sigh. I've had the children for so long, that even though I know they are with their dad, I keep looking around for them and wondering why it's so quiet. Alone time is a real benefit of joint custody, there's no denying it. When you are with children constantly (my own and other people's) time to just sit and read, knit, or clean the house uninterrupted is a blessed thing.

I did not see Elf last year when it came out. I really like everyone in the cast, I was just suspicious after the previews. Sometimes all the funny parts in a movie are in the trailer and the rest sucks. A friend let us borrow her DVD (I had it in my queue at Netflix and it said "very long wait" next to it) and I laughed so hard! Bowen sat quietly staring with a giant smile on his face, Chicky laughed, and Morgan was literally on the floor, rolling and laughing. Zooey Deshanel has an amazing voice and I had to order the soundtrack after hearing her (she's only on one song with Leon Redbone, but it's good).

When we started watching Elf, everyone had some piece of knitting in hand. Morgan decided he wanted a wristband, so he learned to purl (after me showing him two stitches, he had it) and he's almost finished. We decided after the first five minutes of the movie we needed to put the knitting down so we could concentrate on laughing.


Bowen wanted to make gauntlets. I was concerned with his low frustration level that working with five double pointed needles would put him quickly over the edge, but he is moving along in a knit two, purl two rib confidently! Boys knit and it rocks!


We are, unfortunately, getting a development built behind the houses across the street from our house. Their "back entrance/exit" funnels them to the bottom of our road. I'm hoping it won't be convenient enough to be used much. The up side, for right now, is that there is a nice paved, empty, still-blocked road where the kids can ride bike. Yes, this is a picture of my daughter without a bike helmet on.


The boys have mohawks again. Morgan spent ages five through seven with a mohawk and loved it. Then he had a "regular" head-shaving for a while and now, the mohawk has returned. Bowen has had them on and off, but doesn't seem as into them as Morgan. I was surprised that he's been putting gel in his and spiking it some days. It's easier to pick 'em out in a crowd.


We met friends of the kids yesterday at the skating rink and they had a very good time. Their first time on the ice, and they didn't fall as much as I thought they would. Chicky didn't want to go, until 30 minutes before the rink was closing (that is so her). The rink was packed, whole families on the ice, and some groups of adults. I was surprised.


I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions. I think you can change whatever you want to about yourself, whenever you want. Reflection and change aren't limited to a certain time of year. Plus, having a "pile" is rather overwhelming. To that end, I wish you all a Happy New Year, full of the good stuff (that's different for everyone, so choose your own).


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