Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas, finally.

Today was a lovely Christmas. I fully expected to be woken by children saying, "Mama, mama, will you get up now?" But, I was awake at 6am and waiting for them until 7am - and I actually had to wake my daughter. I have no idea what was up with that.

The boys got pirate ships and were very excited about it. It took them an hour to put them together, and there was only one moment of real frustration and tears. Morgan thinks it was really lame for the toy company to put a "live" pirate in with his "dead" (skeleton) pirates. I told him maybe it was a starter prisoner, you put him in the hold until you got another, better one. He didn't like that. "Why would you just have a prisoner, you have to go attack the other ship and get them." Good point. In the end Bowen gave over his dead pirate and Moran happily turned over the live dude.



I didn't get Chicky any regular toys this year. Her room is so full of dramatic play stuff, Barbies (I didn't buy any of them, for the record), and little wee plastic accessories that get sucked up the vacuum, I just didn't think she needed or really wanted any of it. What she did want, and I didn't get her was an American Girl doll. They cost so much, and she would have gotten nothing else. I could tell she was sad, but I explained why I didn't get it and she said she understood. Instead she got crafty stuff which, once she opened, have kept her quite busy. She has started her scrapbook, used her fancy hole-punches to work on some stationary, and she got a rockin' cowgirl hat complete with a tiara.


Eowyn was pissed. She was all bouncy about the presents around the family room (she wanted to chew on boxes) and the kids kept brushing her off to keep unwrapping, or to get her off whatever it was they had just unwrapped. She kept huffing and trying to get in the way. Finally, she curled up on the sofa and pouted. I'm not kidding, she really did. I came over to her and apologized for not getting her a present. Tonight, I heard paper tearing on the floor. I looked over and she was destroying one of the kid's Christmas cards. Apparently, she holds a grudge.


Mel and Angela got their gifts: a knit rug out of blue t-shirts from thrift stores, and a Booga Bag.



One of their cats, Beastly, decided the rug may turn into a cozy cat spot.


There was also a lovely vegan feast (and non-vegan for those so inclined) and I vote that Tofurky turkey is better than Unturkey. The Tofurky has a very nice wild rice stuffing. Now, to go sleep off the food coma...

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