Thursday, February 09, 2012

Whole lotta workin' goin' on!

I am very pleased to announce I have joined the ranks of the employed again! I am working at a small, locally owned pet (mostly dog and cat) supply store here in Hillsborough aptly named Paws at the Corner owned by Lisa Wells.  Lisa is all about good pet food (not the kind you get in box stores or grocery stores full of corn, soy, wheat . Hey, that's a lot like people food in grocery stores too!) that helps your pet maintain their optimum health so you're not spending money at the vet. She's the  Rock Star of pet nutrition and good local hook-ups for training, vet care, grooming, etc.  It's been fun to meet loyal locals and their dogs, as well as listen to how Lisa helps people find the right food for their pets.  She's my guru.

The other exciting thing about my job is Steve gets to come along!  Lisa has two beautiful shop dogs: Aspen and Izzie.  Aspen is the official greeter of all people and animals.  Izzie is the official babysitter of Steve.  They play like that for an hour or so and then Steve passes out for a while.  Sometimes we check to make sure he's still breathing.

The other thing I'm working on (and loving) is a class in homeopathy.  Finally a medical system I like! Homeopathy believes in treating the whole person (physical,  mental,  and emotional) and not treating individual symptoms.  For each person's complaint there is one single remedy that works best for that individual person and it's rather akin to being a detective to figure out which one.  Very cool stuff.  It was more popular that allopathy (medicine as we know it) in the late 1800's in this country. Sadly enough, the money thrown at developing prescription drugs also went into maligning the homeopathic tradition.  According to some studies, it's pure quackery.  Then again, homeopathic remedies aren't expensive and you don't want to give people one remedy for their depression, another for their eczema, and yet another for their bursitis - so why would the medical community and big pharma want to support that? If you're interested in finding a local practitioner or a study group, please check out The National Center for Homeopathy.

I am having another craigslist adventure.  The peeps broke the washing machine by overloading it with blues on Tuesday night.  The poor motor was killed in the process.  The good news is I was too exhausted to be very upset about it.  The bad news is we have no clean clothes and where the washing machine is located in our house is about as inconvenient as it gets.  It's in a corner closet at the far end of our wee bathroom.  We'll be pulling out the dryer and lifting it over the sink to put it in there.  Not looking forward to that.  I was hoping we'd have a new machine today, so I cleared all the stuff off my cool antique hutch and drying rack in the hallway, but it seems I should have waited. Sigh.  The peeps are psyched because we'll be having fast food tonight (Subway, that's as fast as I get and I'm not thrilled to be doing it either) so I can move the hutch and rack out of the hallway for tomorrow and leave the dinner table covered with antique tchotchkes.

I'll let you know how it goes.  I'm not sure how one knows if they're buying a reliable washing machine on craigslist...

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