Thursday, January 12, 2012

Back to food and wellness

Here's a local website that delivers fresh, local, organic produce to your door!  It's not produce from one farm like a CSA, it's a group of farmers with varied meats and produce.  I just found out about it!
Organicfood2you it's more expensive that Weaver Street (and that's saying something) but if you go together with other people you can receive a 5% discount on your order.  How cool is that?

This week I found out I'm behind the pop culture times again.  I thinks it's because I never really watched Oprah.  Kris Carr was diagnosed with a rare and incurable stage 4 cancer in 2003.  She went on a "deep healing pilgrimage" and is still here talking about it!  A lot of what she's talks about food and health wise are things I already know and practice.  I'm not sure I'll ever be into enemas (flashbacks to surgery when I was five!), but I'm all about detoxing and green foods, so you never know!

I was doing pretty well exercising before the back injury/tooth removal/severe cold/burn and then with the holidays I got back into baking.  I had a three week affair perfecting a chocolate scone recipe.  It's top-notch, but I didn't need all those scones.  Last week I HAD to make a Ukrainian poppyseed cake and then regretted we ate it in two days (mostly me, I admit it).

Richard and I have given up alcohol (before the holidays) and I'm happy to report I'm sleeping better.  Well, I would be but for Steve's small bladder. I'm back to bursting (45 second bursts of running with one minute fast walking recovery for 17 minutes) and it feels good!

Today I woke up with a severe headache from dehydration.  I realized yesterday my total fluid intake was a pot of English Breakfast Tea (I shared) and a glass of water at lunch.  Duh.  In order to cure what ailed me today, which includes mental/emotional angst as well, I drank lots of hot water with lemon, practiced meditating and yoga which I haven't done seriously for years.  Boy have I lost flexibility!  I still had the headache for most of the day and was mighty blue for most of it, but I think I'm back on the upswing.

I'm thinking bursting three days a week and yoga the other three and I'll be well rounded.  Meditating is something I should go back to doing whenever I can.  My mind needs practice being still.

And just because Steve is my BFF these days.  Here's a little video of him, he's figured out how to use a pull-string on a cat toy.  Tiger-Cato and Button never liked it,but Steve thinks it's the bomb!

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