Monday, July 07, 2008

Merrily spinning

I've been spinning for le tour!  I've finished Ember, but I didn't divide the roving evenly and ended up having quite a bit of the creamy part leftover.  I used that to ply with the leftover "random" spun. It has mellowed it quite nicely.

Ember (two skeins 260 yards)

ember spun

and the rest of the random (haven't measured it yet)

random with ember cream

Tonight I'm starting on some Pigeon Roof Studios   corriedale in the Monarch colorway. I don't have any pictures of the roving yet, I'll do that tonight and share tomorrow.  

The peeps and I went to the library this afternoon, so I have to go remind them it's time to start the nightly reading.  When they're done with their time, we're starting The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman for reading aloud.

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