Saturday, November 25, 2006

A very cool (hot,really) hat

It's taken a year for me to work up the courage to knit Meg Swansen's dubblemossa hat, but I did it. To be perfectly honest, I didn't think I had the attention span for all the Fair Isle. There is a pretty major mistake, but I'm not telling where it is (I frogged many inches and re-knit the others, this one I didn't notice until I was five more inches down the pike). I don't think this hat will ever really be handy right here in North Carolina, but maybe first thing in the morning when it can be in the 30's I can wear it before the car is heated up.


Here it is, in one of its many wearable options

Thanks to Morgan for his perseverance with the picture taking. There's nothing cuter than giving a nine year old photographic direction while posing, "Is my whole head in the picture? No? Take a step back, sweetie. Ok, what about now? No, we don't want the recycle bin in the picture."

I attended my first totally vegan Thanksgiving. I have been vegan for three years, but I usually celebrate with "mixed" company. This was the first time I have been with so many people I don't know for the holiday (that I don't really believe in so much). The children and I all did well, I think, but definitely being with those friends and family that are close is better. I don't want to get to know people at a feast, it just seems like it should be intimate - gorging yourself and getting inebriated is not something near strangers should see.

We are now officially in the holiday season and my clan is now allowed to watch Elf and The Santa Clause. Thanksgiving is when we get out the Holiday DVD's and videos. Whoo hoo!

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