Friday, March 24, 2006

Vegan? Ha!

I'm thinking maybe I need a new, personal definition for my food choices. I was appalled to read the "good news" in VegNews that Strawberry fucking Quick is vegan! Hot damn, I've been craving that....NOT! Why, if I do not want animal products (tainted with antibiotics and growth hormones, or not) would I find chemical food acceptable? Hey, so are a few hundred other chemical foods. I don't care. I don't recommend, want, or support them. Get away from me Hideous Non-Food Options! Hell, I think maybe a McDonald's french fry is vegan too. If I want a piece of genetically modified, corn syruped piece of potato, I'm in luck!

I now e-mail companies. I highly recommend it. About a week ago I emailed a company and asked what a hydrolyzed soy protein is and they replied it was a vegetable derivative in a few of their products. No shit, Sherlock, I got the whole veggie thing down. That so did not answer my question, people. And it is sad that they don't know what a hydrolyzed soy protein is, either.

I would like to add that I still use titles (e.g., To Whom It May Concern) and this particular company responded at their close with Regards, Product Questions. How lame is that? I couldn't resist, I responded to them by saying Dear Product Questions and closed with Regards, Former Potential Customer. I was going to close with Regards, Vegan Hominid but I thought they wouldn't get my smartass humor.

For all you people about Rocking the Boat of Complacency, please e-mail Kelloggs and tell them vegetarians and vegans don't want genetically modified foods in their MorningStar Farms products. I don't believe them (that it's safe and nutritious).

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