Monday, March 20, 2006

Google me not

Sometimes, just for the hell of it, I'll Google people I know to see what comes up. Usually nothing much. When I Google myself, my work comes up. Fine. Not exciting, but fine. I tried Googling my married surname and I am all over the place, people! I am the NCAA director of professional development and (even more notable, in my mind) there's a woman with my name in Midland, MI that won a $1000 gift card to Wal-mart and was so psyched she was jumping up and down. I have been known to jump up and down when I'm excited, but I have never jumped about Wal-mart. I don't even shop there. I actively AVOID Wal-mart. I jump up and down if you say there's a new place within a hundred mile radius to check out yarn. I also jump up and down if I know Guinness is on sale somewhere, but not about Mal-wart.There, now you know, I'm not that Rochelle. I am imagining the me that I know to be somewhere in the socio-economic bracket between those other two Rochelle's. May the force be with Rochelle's everywhere, we're all just tryin' to do the best we can.

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