Thursday, December 30, 2010

Back in action

After a lovely week of r & r at the beach, I'm back and ready for action! All the animals (well, not the guinea pigs and snake) and had a restful time as well. See? Proof.

happy animals

Button didn't make a sofa appearance. He was hanging out in a plant.


I've done a little knitting (literally). I love these little guys. I found some of my first hand spun ever and used that. I made a couple more and gave them as wee gifts.


Made a scarf for Mollie, too.

mollie's new scarf

I've got a couple other projects on the needles, but not worth a photo at this point. While I was on my vacation I've found a couple good things to put in Vintage Black Ethel! More yellow ware and a fabulous old lunch carrier (tiffin). I've had a couple other good finds for my own personal use, I'm going to photograph them soon.

Today's chores include a stout cake, more cleaning, and some knitting.

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