Friday, October 17, 2008

Catching up

Dead silence in blog land lately, but there's been a fair amount of action in reality. Last weekend was the first annual Hillsborough Handmade Parade with the theme The Eno and her Creatures. Hillsborough loves a parade and typically has a good turn out for such events. This one is sponsored by the Hillsborough Arts Council and had some workshops offered by Paperhand Puppet Intervention. We have some friends that were planning on participating and I thought it would be small and cute, but had no idea the turnout would be so fantastic! The costumes, the community band (I didn't know we had one), the drums, the crowds - awesome! I brought along the camera, but the battery died after only three pictures and I didn't bring any back-up. So lame of me. At soccer that very morning, we starting talking telling another Hillsborough resident about our day's plan and she offered to bring The Original Dragon from the very first Eno River Festival and needed eight people to make it go. Here's the result

eno dragon

Lewis was very patient with my attempts at picture taking and the result was still rather fuzzy. Sorry.


And the last picture before the battery died was of a dragonfly. It was stunning and was created by Michael Brown, Mark Donley, Tinka Jordy and Jennifer Miller for the Hillsborough Arts Council.


My very favorite costume was a small flock of red-headed woodpeckers; one complete with a nest. So cute.

Today I've finished another hat and am going to work on my Through The Loops Mystery Sock. I forgot to go up in needle size after the cuff and the cables have made sock #1 too small to fit. I'm almost finished with the third clue for sock #2 and then I shall go back and rip out all the beautiful cable bits back to the cuff and try and finish by Wednesday. Tomorrow there are plans for a family photo shoot (with knitting) and some knitted bits on their own.

The leaves are starting to turn and soccer was cold this morning. I'm getting in the mood for winter - bring on the wool!

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