Monday, April 09, 2007

Back to the yarn

I finished, well except for a lot of weaving in of ends, the Nordic Lights capelet. Lesson learned: when you read the circumference don't forget to take into account your arms. I read 44" and only thought about those pesky bumps on the female form, not about including my arms. Sigh. It's too tight. This will be for a lovely young adult woman (like the one in the picture of the book) and not some middle-aged woman with flabby arms.

nordic lights finished

While de-yarning my house for my parents visit, I found some roving my children dyed and got out the spinning wheel. It's been so long I had a little hitch trying to remember how to do it. It is only 62 yards, to it will have to be some accent for something, but it's inspired me to spin some more today.

small skein

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