Sunday, March 11, 2007

How funky is your chicken?

funky chicken close-up

I've had fun making felted chickens this weekend. I was sort of worried about having enough yarn for this dude, so I didn't space the increases and well, he's rather odd. I really like his beady little eyes, though. Here he is in all his glory (you can't see his tuft of tail feathers).

funky felted chick

There is also a flat chicken, meant to be hung up for the holidays, I suppose. It also has a tufted tail. Both birds will have buttons of some sort on their bellys sometime in the near future.

Flat felted chicken

The pattern is from Toving, the yarn is fritidsgarn, and there are no US equivalent needle size so I did them with a US size 9. The next ones will be happening on a size 7.

Chicky claimed the round guy, and Morgan has the flat chicken. Bowen gets to choose from the next round.

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